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  • Has your organisation changed recently?

    Change is inevitable in the current COVID-19 environment. Many organisations will need to adapt to the circumstances to maintain their viability. If your organisation has changed recently, your tax situation may have changed too, and you may need to notify us about the change.

    Changes to the structure and activities of your not-for-profit organisation, including your purpose, can affect your ability to access some endorsements and tax concessions. You may no longer be eligible for some, or you may now be eligible for others.

    Whenever there is a significant change, we recommend you:

    If you are winding up your organisation, there are a number of tax matters you need to consider. These include, cancelling your ABN and other registrations, and completing any outstanding or final lodgments. Specific requirements also apply when endorsed deductible gift recipients are wound up.

    You need to notify us of any changes to your structure and activities, key personnel, or if you are winding up your organisation.

    If you have any questions, phone our NFP information line on 1300 130 248 from 8.00am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday.

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