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  • Need to update your myGovID email?

    You can now update your myGovID email address in the latest version of the myGovID app. To update your email, go to 'My identity' in your myGovID app, select your current email address and follow the prompts. If you've set up your myGovID on more than one device, you'll need to ensure the app is updated to the latest version on all devices before changing your email address.

    To check you have the latest version of the myGovID app installed on your device check your app store for any updates.

    You don't need access to your original email address in order to update it, but you do need access to your myGovID app.

    If you no longer have access to your myGovID app and original email address, contact the myGovID support lineExternal Link. Don’t set up your myGovID again using a different email address as this could lock your myGovID app.

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    Last modified: 01 Feb 2021QC 64622