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  • Straight from the source – July 2021

    Tax time is here; but that’s not why I love July.

    July is the month in which an important tradition is acknowledged by my family. In this instance, reference to my family is made to mean my mum and dad, my children, siblings, in laws, nieces and nephews. July is the month in which we, and many other Italian families in Australia, ‘make the sausages’.

    ‘Making the sausages’ is an art taken to another level by ‘Italian Australians’. If you have been fortunate enough to be invited to participate in the art of making sausages, you know what I am talking about. I can promise you it is an experience you will never forget and forever savour, especially if you are the ‘taster of the meat’ which has been my role since childhood.

    Preparation is of course key. The pork is ordered with very specific instructions down to fat content and cut. The meat is then seasoned at home and herein lies the art, because each family has their own secret seasoning with a discerning difference being the addition of fennel seeds (we favour fennel seeds!).

    As 'taster of the meat’, it is my job to fry off a little to make sure it is on point. Once the flavour is perfected, everyone gets a taste. The sausages are encased, tied and hung to dry in the garage to cure before they are finally vacuum sealed for use throughout the year.

    Making sausages is not that hard. Anyone can do it with encouragement and support. You can google step-by-step instructions all drawn from the toolkits of Italian families who have shared their recipes over the generations.

    Similarly, tax time need not be hard. It may not be as tasty as making sausages, but there are step-by-step instructions and we provide lots of support.

    We have launched our 2021 tax time toolkits to help taxpayers understand their obligations this tax time. Our toolkits have information about common deductions, record keeping and tips on how to avoid common mistakes. They are worth a look if you are a not-for-profit or employed by a not-for-profit.

    This year’s toolkit provides quick reference guides for 39 specific occupations including community support workers, with information on deductions clients can and can’t claim. They are available in colour PDF posters that you can download and print out. Useful information is also available to download on:

    • income you need to declare
    • common deductions like car and travel expenses
    • how to apportion expenses between private and work-related use
    • what records taxpayers need to keep.

    A reminder too for all public and private ancillary funds this tax time – all funds must lodge an annual information return:

    • Ancillary funds that are ACNC-registered charities must lodge their annual information return by completing the online ACNC Annual Information StatementExternal Link.
    • Ancillary funds that are not registered as charities with the ACNC must continue to lodge a paper Ancillary fund return with us, and may also need to lodge an income tax return.

    Additionally, all public and private ancillary funds must meet respective ancillary fund guidelines, and failure to comply may result in penalties.

    More information is available at:

    So this July, take some time out as an individual or as an organisation. Review your financials and obligations, complete our online checklists to verify you are still entitled to be self-assessing as income tax exempt.

    If you are required to lodge an income tax return either as an individual or a not-for-profit organisation, you must lodge or engage with a tax agent, by 31 October 2021. This is about the same time the sausages will be ready for eating.

    July is a busy month, a month where we see many Australians engaged in the tax system. Make sure you are doing the right thing. Take a look at our Getting help page, which has phone numbers to call if you need more help.

    I love July because the days get longer and slowly but surely, Spring starts creeping through with the promise of new beginnings and warmth. July requires a bit of effort, but it sets us up for the rest of the year!

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