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  • Working together for a brighter future

    Even though we are in the thick of responding to COVID-19, I can’t help thinking about what normality will look like when the restrictions are relaxed.

    Like everyone, my family and I have adjusted to life in a COVID environment. A routine seems to have set in, although I am not going to lie, being an extrovert; I am missing the social engagement and energy I get from people.

    My daughter and son have been learning online, navigating the house in a manner that mimics a university lifestyle. They wander each room aimlessly looking for a place to sit and plug in their computer. They open the fridge an average of 100 times a day, each time texting me that we have ‘no food in the house.’ Thankfully we have toilet paper and tissues, which my son keeps reminding me is thanks to him as he is an essential worker in a supermarket.

    In speaking to family and friends in Australia and abroad, it is difficult to dismiss the sense of anxiety about the economy, the spread of COVID-19 and whether we will recover. The only one who doesn’t complain is King Louis, our cavoodle. He is the real winner, lapping up the 24/7 attention and prancing around given he is extremely fit on account of everyone taking him for a walk.

    Since late February, I have worked closely with many colleagues and the NFP sector to ensure the ATO is well placed to assist those not-for-profits who will receive the cash flow boost payments and those seeking to claim the JobKeeper payment. In 2009, I led the delivery of the $8 billion tax bonus to eight million taxpayers at the height of the GFC, but that pales in significance given the enormity of what we are delivering now. As was the case in 2009, what strikes me as extraordinary, is the way in which everyone comes together in response to a crisis.

    In the ATO there is an army of staff making sure our public advice and guidance is clear, our staff are equipped to support your enquiries, and our systems are ready to process your applications. My colleagues in Treasury have clarified the rules of the JobKeeper payment, including those around not-for-profits. You can read the Treasurer’s JobKeeper updateExternal Link.

    For not-for-profits intending to claim the JobKeeper payments we have guides that provide the steps you need to complete.

    For not-for-profits experiencing difficulties, we can defer some payments by up to six months. These may include income tax, activity statements, pay as you go (PAYG) instalments, FBT and excise payments. We don't apply these payment deferrals automatically, so if you need assistance, contact our Emergency Support Infoline 1800 806 218.

    You can find more information about the help available on our website at Additional support during COVID-19.

    As we move forward, I am confident we will recover what has been lost and discover new opportunities.

    Keep safe

    Jennifer Moltisanti

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