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  • Keeping JobKeeper Payment fair

    We know the majority of not-for-profit organisations enrolled for the JobKeeper Payment are doing the right thing. We are making it quick and easy for you to claim reimbursements for payments you have made to your employees.

    We continue to work closely with the sector, monitoring behaviours and trends that may attract our attention. Providing certainty to not-for-profit organisations, intermediaries and advisers about what attracts our attention is important to us.

    We also work closely with NFPs that have made honest mistakes to avoid overpayments. However, where we see organisations deliberately engaging in fraudulent or illegal behaviour, we are responding quickly.

    We are checking JobKeeper applications, and if we identify fraudulent behaviour, we are undertaking a range of compliance activities to ensure fairness for all people and organisations who are doing the right thing.

    Behaviours that attract our attention include:

    • payments to employers who do not meet the eligibility requirements or do not have eligible employees
    • falsifying records or revising activity statements to meet the fall in turnover test
    • applying for JobKeeper where there is no evidence of being an eligible not-for-profit organisation or an ACNC registered charity.

    If you are concerned that someone is doing the wrong thing related to the JobKeeper Payment, you should tell us about it.

    You can confidentially make a tip off about illegal activities and concerns to the ATO or call 1800 060 062.

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