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  • New super guarantee changes

    From April 2019 a number of integrity measures came into effect, aimed at helping employers meet their super guarantee (SG) obligations and protecting employees' super entitlements.

    The measures include the following changes:

    • The development of an online education course designed to help employers better understand their super obligations.
    • The Commissioner may now direct non-compliant employers to complete the education course and assessment.
    • We can now disclose information to employees about unpaid super, and what we are doing to recover those amounts.
    • Company directors can be held personally liable sooner for super guarantee charge amounts owing.

    These law changes, combined with improvements in data from Single Touch Payroll and superannuation funds' reporting, means we can more easily identify employers that:

    • may need our help and assistance
    • need further review.

    If you need help meeting your SG obligations, contact us on 13 10 20 as soon as possible so we can discuss your options with you.

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