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  • Having trouble paying? Help and support is available

    If your not-for-profit is struggling to meet its financial obligations on time, talk to us early so we can help. We have a number of tools and services available so you can deal with your debt while it's still manageable.

    Even if you can’t pay right away, we may be able to offer you a payment plan tailored to your needs.

    Your tax agent may also be able to help

    Tax agents may be able to set up a payment plan online if your NFP:

    • has an existing debt under $100,000 that is not under an existing payment plan
    • has not defaulted on a payment plan for the relevant account more than twice in the past two years

    Tax agents can also opt you in to receive text or email reminders for new and existing payment plan instalments. This will help remind you to:

    • pay on time - using one of our many easy payment options, or
    • check that you've got enough funds in your NFPs direct debit account


    You can also make pre-payments at any time and as often as you like, in large or small amounts, to make it easier for you. You don't need to wait to hear from us.

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