Non-Profit News Service No. 0369 - Support for the victims of the tornado in Townsville

The Queensland Government has declared the Townsville disaster district to be a disaster situation in the wake of a tornado that occurred on 20 March 2012.

The suburb of Vincent and surrounding areas have been affected and substantial damage has been sustained to homes and businesses located within the path of the tornado.

We consider the disaster meets the disaster requirements of the deductible gift recipient (DGR) category 'Australian disaster relief fund'. If you are considering applying for the endorsement of an Australian disaster relief fund for longer-term recovery and community reconstruction efforts, the fund must also meet the other requirements of the category.

If your organisation wants to collect money for the relief of victims of this disaster, it may be quicker to contact established DGRs already providing relief and arrange to collect money on their behalf. They will have the required infrastructure in place to collect gifts that are tax deductible and issue receipts.

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