Non-Profit News Service No. 0383 - 2012-13 Dispute management plan released - our commitment to you

We recently released our Dispute management plan (DMP) for 2012-13. It outlines our approach in resolving tax and superannuation disputes you may have with us. It covers disputes relating to:

  • debt
  • complaints
  • access to information
  • compensation claims
  • procurement
  • our employees.

What the DMP means for you

While the majority of taxpayer interactions with the ATO are not disputed, our aim is to reduce the time we take to resolve disputes when they do arise and to lower costs for both parties.

This means taking practical steps to:

  • resolve disputes early, whenever possible
  • improve two-way communication
  • make professional-to-professional services for registered tax agents more widely available
  • ensure decision makers are involved at the right time
  • continue to train our staff to better handle disputes
  • use feedback and consultation to make on-going improvements
  • increase the number of people using dispute resolution processes such as negotiation, case conferencing, mediation and conciliation.

Ideally we want to avoid or resolve disputes as early as possible and in a fair and effective manner. Our aim is to build your confidence in the integrity of the tax system by reviewing our dispute performance regularly and reporting back on our focus areas.

The release of our Dispute management plan 2012-13 is just the first step in making this happen. To further help you, we have also released our Disputes policy that supports the DMP.

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