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  • $17.5 billion waiting to be found

    Australians reduced the amount of lost and unclaimed super by $420 million in 2017–18 but there's still $17.5 billion waiting to be found.

    Some if it could belong to your employees, volunteers or even to community members your organisation supports.

    People can lose track of their super when they change their name, address, job or live overseas – common events that people experience in their lives.

    We've just released data showing the amount of lost and unclaimed super that's waiting to be found in postcodes across Australia. Someone in Tasmania is missing more than $220,000 of their super. That could really make a difference to their retirement savings!

    To check if you've lost track of your super, log in to your myGov account and link to the ATO. From there, you can view all your super account details, including any that have been lost or forgotten about, and consolidate your accounts.

    See if there's any lost super in your postcode and encourage your employees, volunteers and community to log into myGov to see if any is theirs. You never know what they might find!

    For more information on how to manage super, including how to find lost super, visit Check your super.

    To find out how much lost super is in your postcode see Lost super.

      Last modified: 05 Nov 2018QC 57288