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  • Avoid being incorrectly charged GST from overseas

    GST on low value goods imported into Australia commences from 1 July 2018.

    Low value imported goods are physical goods – excluding tobacco, tobacco products and alcoholic beverages – with a customs value of A$1,000 or less.

    If you're an Australian GST-registered business, you should not be charged GST when purchasing these goods for your business use, if you provide your supplier with both:

    • your Australian business number (ABN)
    • a statement that you are registered for GST.

    If you're charged GST incorrectly, you should speak to your supplier about a refund.

    Note that not all receipts that have GST applied will be tax invoices. To be considered a tax invoice, they will need to contain an ABN. Overseas suppliers may be registered in the simplified GST system and have an ATO reference number (ARN) instead of an ABN.

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