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  • Not-for-profit News Service – Stewardship Group meeting outcomes, November 2017

    On 8 November 2017 the ATO’s Not-for-profit (NFP) Stewardship Group met in Canberra for its final meeting of 2017.

    The ATO’s Second Commissioner Law Design and Practice, Andrew Mills, attended the opening of this meeting and stressed the importance of this group as a vital connection between the NFP community and the ATO.

    Meeting topics

    The major topics covered at the meeting were:

    Improving the NFP client experience and engagement

    To help us better understand the NFP sector so we can improve our support products and services, EY Sweeney was engaged to research the sector's characteristics, behaviours and needs. The research was conducted between November 2016 and May 2017 and the report was delivered in July 2017. More information about the report as well as the full reportThis link will download a file is now available.

    The ATO explained what it is doing to address some of the key findings outlined in the report, including:

    • promotion and marketing of existing and new ATO help options for NFPs, including the new Getting help page for NFPs
    • more webinars and video tutorials tailored for NFPs, see ATOtv – NFP channelExternal Link
    • launch of a pilot Ancillary Fund Intermediaries engagement strategy in 2018
    • more tailored and targeted GST help for NFPs.

    Working with BETA about Interagency Giving Projects

    In partnership with the Department of Social Services (DSS), the Behavioural Economics Team of the Australian Government (BETA) is undertaking three research projects over the next three years to 2019–20 to test the potential for behavioural ‘nudges’ to be used to encourage additional planned giving. The ATO, as well as other government agencies, has been asked to contribute, including the encouragement of workplace giving programs and considering what action it can take in support of these projects. Updates will be provided at future meetings of the NFP Stewardship Group.

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    Ongoing consultation

    We continue to consult about:

    • the compliance burden on NFP's required to provide detailed information at question 23 of the FBT return
    • a review of GST benchmark market values
    • the review of NFP public advice
      • wider consultation on the review of TR 92/17 Income tax and fringe benefits tax: exemptions for 'religious institutions' and TR 97/22 Income tax: exempt sporting clubs will continue in 2018.

    Updates on the outcomes of these conversations will be provided at future meetings of the NFP Stewardship Group.

    Feedback and suggestions

    The NFPSG welcomes your feedback and suggestions. If you would like to submit a question or issue for the NFPSG to consider around current tax administration and law as they relate to NFP organisations, or get involved in improving the NFP experience as part of a working group or other consultation event, email

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