• Filling in the form

    How do you complete the application form?

    For information about how to complete the application form, refer to Completing your application for refund of franking credits – Endorsed income tax exempt entities and deductible gift recipients.

    What do you look for on dividend and distribution statements provided to your organisation?

    Organisations need to look for the following information on their dividend and distribution statements when applying for a refund of franking credits:

    • the amount of franking credits
    • where there is a dividend, the date of payment – make sure the statement you have is for the correct financial year, that is, 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016
    • where there is an entitlement to a distribution (e.g. from a trust) make sure the statement you have is for the correct financial year, that is, the year ended 30 June 2016 that the statement is in the organisation’s name.

    You have a distribution statement from a managed fund showing lots of different amounts. Where do you put these?

    Total distributions from trusts and managed funds should be written at label A on the application form. The total distributions can include any amounts of foreign source income or capital gains tax. Total distributions can also include unfranked amounts. There is no need to add up these amounts if they have already been included in the total distribution amount on the distribution statement.

    A distribution statement may show the distribution amount inclusive of any franking credit. Where this occurs, the amount at label A must be reduced by the amount of the franking credit.

    What do the ABN and TFN fields on the application form mean?

    Australian business number: this number will be pre-printed on your organisation's personalised application form. If your organisation is an endorsed income tax exempt charity or DGR, it was given an ABN as part of the endorsement process.

    Tax file number: this number will be pre-printed on your organisation's personalised application form. Your organisation may not have been previously notified of its TFN. All organisations that have been registered with an ABN have also been allocated a TFN for our processing purposes. We use the TFN to process your application as quickly as possible.

    Do not make changes to these labels on the application form if they are incorrect. Phone us on 1300 130 248 to request a replacement form.

    How is the refund amount calculated?

    • To calculate your refund amount, add up all of the following:    
      • franking credits attached to franked dividends paid during the year ended 30 June 2016
      • franking credits attached to distributions from trusts or managed funds for the year ended 30 June 2016.
    • Income tax exempt charities, DGRs and exempt institutions eligible for a refund under the regulations, would normally receive the full amount of the franking credits attached to their franked dividends and franked distributions – that is, the amount shown at label B.
    • If your organisation has any tax liabilities outstanding or other debts that are collected by us, some or all of your franking credits will be offset against these outstanding debts and the remainder (if any) will be refunded.

    Who is authorised to sign the declaration for your organisation?

    To sign the declaration you must be an authorised person. Such a person might include:

    • the trustee of the trust
    • an office holder of the association or organisation
    • a director of the company
    • the company secretary
    • the public officer of the company.

    Incomplete declaration details may delay the processing of your organisation’s application.

    Do you need to send dividend or distribution statements to us?

    Your organisation should keep all dividend and distribution statements it receives. If you need to send copies of your organisation’s dividend or distribution statements to us with your application, the letter accompanying your organisation's application form will advise you of this.

    If you are not required to send any statements with your application, keep the statements with a copy of the application form in your organisation's records. These records should be kept for five years. We may ask you to provide us with these records to verify your claims at a later time.

    Do not send dividend and distribution statements to us with your application form unless we ask you to.

    What if you made a mistake on your organisation’s application form?

    If you made a mistake (for example, you have not included a franked dividend or franked distribution or the amount of a franking credit), write to us and explain what the correction is for and the reason for the change. Send your letter to us by:

    • mail to
      Australian Taxation Office
      PO Box 1032
      ALBURY  NSW  2640
    • fax to 1300 130 900.

    Your letter must be signed and dated by the authorised person of your organisation and include your organisation's:

    • full name
    • postal address
    • contact phone number
    • ABN.

    If you have already submitted an application that you have made a mistake in, do not lodge another application.

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