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  • Not-for-profit key personnel  

    As many not-for-profit (NFP) organisations elect office bearers for an annual term, their authorised contact people often change yearly.

    You must notify us about changes to your authorised contacts so they can make enquiries about your organisation's tax affairs. This helps us protect your organisation's privacy and provides them with access to the information they need.

    We recommend you notify us of these changes as soon as they happen, to avoid delays.

    If your organisation changes its tax administrator, for example a treasurer, office bearer or employee involved in the tax administration of your organisation, we provide a checklist to help you hand over its tax affairs to the new administrator.

    If your organisation changes its public officer, you must notify us within 28 days of your organisation becoming aware of the change. NFP organisations that are companies or unincorporated associations carrying on business in Australia need to appoint a public officer. You also need a public officer if your organisation is deriving income in Australia from property – for example, interest, rent or dividends.

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