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  • Lodgment rules

    Not-for-profit companies

    Not-for-profit companies that are Australian residents have a taxable threshold. If the taxable income of a not-for-profit company in an income year is below the threshold of $416 per year, it is not required to lodge a tax return for that year.

    Taxable income is rounded down to the nearest dollar – that is, cents are ignored.

    Table: Not-for-profit company lodgment rules

    Taxable income

    Is the company required to lodge a return?

    0 – $416


    However, we may notify a particular company that it is required to lodge a return.

    $417 and above


    Example: Rounding down to nearest dollar

    An organisation's taxable income is $416.73. It reports its taxable income as $416.

    End of example

    We explain how to calculate taxable income in Taxable income and mutuality.

    Other taxable companies

    Other taxable companies are taxed on every dollar of taxable income. They must lodge an income tax return each year.

    Company tax return

    Not-for-profit companies and other taxable companies use the company tax return to lodge a return.

    To know how to complete the company tax return, see Guide to company tax return for not-for-profit organisations.

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