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  • Income and assets condition

    You do not need to read this section if your not-for-profit (NFP) organisation is not required to meet this condition.

    See the Requirements for self-assessing entities to work out if your organisation must meet this condition.

    Your organisation will meet this condition if it applies its income and assets solely for the purpose for which it is established.

    Does your organisation meet this condition? If your organisation is new, does it intend to meet this condition? Does it also meet all the other requirements of an exempt entity type? For example, is it not-for-profit (where applicable), is it not a charity, does it meet the exempt entity type description and all relevant conditions?

    • If yes, your organisation is income tax exempt, see Self-assessment to find out what this means for your organisation.
    • If no, or if you are unsure if your organisation meets the requirements, see Self-assessment.
    Last modified: 20 Jul 2015QC 46357