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  • Privacy

    The Privacy Act 1988 protects individuals' TFN information. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner has issued guidelines to assist in protecting your privacy by clearly explaining who can collect, store, use and disclose your TFN information.

    Under the tax laws, if you choose to give your TFN to an investment body, they are legally required to record the TFN and pass it on to us.

    If you believe that your privacy has been breached by the unauthorised collection, use or disclosure of your TFN, you should tell us – see More information.

    There are severe penalties, including imprisonment, for the unauthorised use of a TFN. Other people must not use your TFN for any purpose unless authorised by:

    • tax law
    • superannuation law
    • specific laws administered by assistance agencies, for example, Centrelink.

    Under the tax laws, the Registrar of the Australian Business Register may give access to the publicExternal Link to an entity's ABN and there are no privacy provisions applicable to the ABN itself.

    Last modified: 16 Mar 2015QC 16808