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  • Which savings accounts and investments are affected?

    There are a range of investments for which you need to decide whether to quote your TFN or ABN, or claim an exemption. They include any type of bank, building society or credit union account or investment which pays interest, dividends or unit trust distributions. Some examples of these accounts and investments are:

    • savings accounts – statement or passbook
    • interest-bearing cheque accounts
    • term deposits or fixed deposits
    • shares
    • bonds
    • debentures
    • units in a unit trust
    • deposits of money with a solicitor
    • common funds.

    Accounts and investments can be held with a range of investment bodies, including:

    • banks, building societies and credit unions
    • finance companies and merchant banks
    • public companies
    • government bodies and bodies corporate
    • unit trusts
    • solicitors
    • trustee companies.
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