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  • What the threshold is

    The threshold is the amount of interest or other investment income you can earn before an amount will be withheld if you don't quote your TFN or ABN, and haven't claimed an exemption from doing so.

    Different thresholds apply, depending on the type of investment and the investor. The threshold that applies to interest received from banks, building societies and credit unions is $120 a year – that is, $10 a month for each account.

    If your account earns $120 or more in interest a year, you need to quote your TFN or ABN, or claim an exemption to prevent an amount being withheld.

    There is no threshold for other investments, such as those with:

    • public companies
    • unit trusts
    • finance companies
    • government bodies
    • solicitors.

    An amount will be withheld from this investment income where a TFN or ABN is not quoted, and an exemption is not claimed.

    Last modified: 16 Mar 2015QC 16808