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  • Claiming an exemption from quoting a TFN for savings accounts and investments

    Some people and organisations can claim an exemption from quoting a TFN or ABN even if their investment earns them income more than or equal to the relevant threshold. These include:

    If you, or your organisation, are exempt and want to prevent an amount being withheld where the income for an investment is more than or equal to the threshold, you must notify your investment body that you are exempt. Fill in a form for each investment body, and nominate the accounts or investments for which you wish to claim an exemption. Forms are available from your investment body. Give the completed form to the investment body, not us.

    You need to give the reason you are exempt – for example, an age pensioner claiming an exemption would write 'age pensioner' on the form, or a child under 16 years of age would write their date of birth.

    If you have trouble writing, are ill or incapacitated, or live in an isolated area, you can get someone else to claim your exemption for you.

    If you are eligible to claim an exemption, but you also have a TFN or ABN, you may choose to quote your TFN or ABN in case your circumstances change and you are no longer exempt. Unless you are covered by one of the following exemption categories, you cannot claim an exemption from quoting a TFN or ABN.

    Last modified: 16 Mar 2015QC 16808