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  • Pensioners' accounts and investments

    You are eligible to claim an exemption if you receive one of the following payments:

    • age pension
    • widow B pension
    • disability support pension
    • parenting payment – that is, a pension PP (single)
    • wife pension
    • special benefit
    • carer payment
    • special needs pension, or
    • service pension or income support supplement or allowance.

    If you receive a superannuation pension, you are not exempt unless you also receive one of the above payments.

    If you do get one of the payments listed, you can claim your exemption by notifying your investment bodies of the type of payments you receive – for example, an age pensioner claiming an exemption would write 'age pensioner' on the form. This will ensure an amount is not withheld from your investment income.

    Even though you are a pensioner and exempt from quoting a TFN for investments, you must still meet your other obligations, such as lodging tax returns.

    Last modified: 16 Mar 2015QC 16808