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  • Exercises

    Exercise 4

    Is the following statement true or false?

    Non-concessional contributions include the tax-free component of a directed termination payment.

    Exercise 5

    Choose the correct response.

    Which of the following contributions is counted as a non-concessional contribution?

    a. Government co-contributions.

    b. Contributions made to a CPF (other than a contribution included in the contributions segment of the member's super interest in the fund).

    c. The amount of any contribution made to that plan for the individual that is covered by a valid and acknowledged notice under section 290-170, to the extent that it is not allowed as a deduction for the person making the contribution.

    d. A roll-over super benefit.

    Exercise 6

    Is the following statement true or false?

    In the 2009-10 income year, the non-concessional contributions cap is six times the concessional contributions cap.

    Answer 6

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