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  • The CGT cap is the maximum amount of eligible contributions that a person can choose to have excluded from their non-concessional contributions.


    Exercise 8

    Choose the correct response.

    Which of the following is not a requirement for a contribution, relating to the CGT 15 year exemption for individuals, to be excluded from the non-concessional contributions cap?

    a. The basic conditions in Subdivision 152-A.

    b. A capital gain.

    c. The individual continuously owned the CGT asset for the 15 year period ending just before the CGT event.

    d. If the CGT asset is a share in a company or interest in a trust there was a significant individual for a total of at least 15 years during which the individual owned the asset.

    e. The individual is 55 years or over at the time of the CGT event and the event happened in connection with their retirement. Alternatively the person was permanently incapacitated at the time of the CGT event.

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