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    Concessional contributions

    Concessional contributions are generally contributions for which the contributor is allowed to claim a tax deduction.

    Concessional contributions are defined in section 292-25External Link as contributions made to a complying super fund, for a person, that are included in the assessable income of a super fund.

    Generally the types of contributions included in the assessable income of a fund are:

    • contributions made on behalf of someone else (for example, by an employer for an employee, including super guarantee (SG) and amounts specified in an effective salary sacrifice agreement)
    • contributions made for which the contributor is allowed a deduction
    • certain amounts transferred from a foreign super fund to an Australian one.

    Concessional contributions generally do not include contributions for a:

    • spouse under section 295-165External Link
    • child under 18 years old, unless the spouse or child is an employee of the contributor in accordance with section 295-170External Link
    • rollover super benefit that consists of an element untaxed in the fund that is not an excess untaxed roll-over amount
    • amount assessable to the complying super fund as a result of any transfers from foreign super funds
    • contribution made to a constitutionally protected fund (CPF).

    Concessional contributions are included in the assessable income of a complying super entity and are taxed at 15%.

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