• SuperMatch2

    SuperMatch2, provides you with information that will help you to consolidate accounts for your members.

    SuperMatch2 responds to requests from you via a Strategic Web Service (SWS) for either single or batch requests.


    The SuperMatch2 terms and conditions prohibit integration into any external service you provide to your members or their representatives. You will lose your access if you breach this condition.

    Consideration to waive this constraint will be given to a trustee that elects to undertake the self-certification requirements in Schedule A of the terms and conditions (including the Addendum to the SuperMatch2 terms and conditions).

    The information contained in the Addendum will shortly be included in an update to the terms and conditions. The Addendum itself is based on the Review of SuperMatch2 use of service letter sent to trustees on 18 October 2016.

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    You can't integrate SuperMatch2 with other services, such as SuperTICK. Combining these services ensures that SuperMatch2 always returns a successful result. This increases the risk of fraud as you don’t need to verify an individual’s TFN before using SuperMatch2.

    What does the SuperMatch2 service offer?

    SuperMatch2 offers a more streamlined approach – use of the service signifies your acceptance of the terms and conditions about how you can use it. You don't need to sign a paper agreement, as was the case with SuperMatch.

    Table 3: SuperMatch2 service features




    SuperMatch2 provides you with information about:

    • all member accounts, including new accounts reported to us via the SuperTICK service (but excluding closed accounts and those in pension phase)
    • all categories of ATO-held super including:            
      • super guarantee amounts we hold
      • amounts we hold in superannuation holding account (active and inactive)
      • super co-contribution amounts we hold
      • low income super contribution (LISC) amounts we hold
      • Low income superannuation tax offset (LISTO) amounts we hold
      • USM amounts we hold (resident and former temporary resident).


    Input channel

    Web-XBRL form via SWS/XBRL file via the file transfer portal function with no maximum limit


    All types of ATO-held super will be transferred if requested.

    SuperMatch2 responses

    These include:

    • a matching response (whether the TFN is matched or not)
    • the provided or derived TFN
    • a 'no' response if no membership or ATO-held super were found
    • where information was found, the following will be returned          
      • the name of the super fund
      • unique superannuation identifier (USI)
      • the Australian business number (ABN) of the super fund
      • the member account number
      • the member identifier (if present)
      • the full name of member
      • the TFN of the member
      • if the provider accepts government contributions on behalf of the member
      • an insurance indicator Y/N (not for new member accounts)
      • a defined benefit indicator Y/N (not for new member accounts)
      • whether inward rollovers accepted Y/N
      • the activity status of the account
      • Y indicators if the ATO held super.
      • account balances.

    Online services for your members

    System changes are fully implemented, including integration of our online services into myGov. Our online services, which can now be accessed via myGov, allow your members to see all their super information in one place. They can also request the consolidation of their super accounts online if they choose to regardless of who holds their super. We also prompt them to contact you or their other funds to decide how they may want to manage their super.

    Information displayed

    All super accounts

    Your members will be able to see all of their super accounts after we have received the latest MCS lodgments and new member account details delivered by the SuperTICK service.

    As we receive MCS and new member account lodgments from you, we will be progressively displaying the information for your members to see on our online services. Generally, the only accounts not displayed will be closed accounts.

    Your member will also be able to see any ATO-held super amounts we hold for them. 

    Fund information displayed online

    Your members can still see the name of your fund online. Remember: this may not be your commercially known name your members recognise instantly. It will be the name you have recorded on the Australian Business Register (ABR). So your entity name, such as Trustee of XYZ Super Fund.

    Your members can see all of their super accounts reported to us (including pension accounts and inactive accounts).

    Your members can see if:

    • they have received any contributions for each account in the last financial year
    • there is an insurance benefit attached to the account.

    Member information displayed online

    We show your member's address as last reported to us. Your member can see if the address you have for them is not current, and this may prompt them to contact you to provide their correct information.

    If the account is a lost account, our online service for individuals shows your phone number as provided by you on the LMS. We will display a message online to encourage the member to contact you so you can remove them from the lost members register at the next reporting date.

    More than half of all super accounts are inactive – this is expected to decline because members will be able to see these accounts on our online services and can consolidate these accounts online.

    Screen shot 1

    This shows the member’s super accounts (including whether accounts are held by the ATO) and displays the account balance last reported to us on the MCS. It also provides hyperlinks to ato.gov.au help content for ATO-held content and super holding accounts (SHA) special account (active).

    An example of how the online service displays information for individuals. It also shows member super accounts including if accounts are held by us and displays the account balance last reported to us on the MCS.

    • Screen shot 2

    From the previous Super Accounts screen more information is available when the member clicks on the ‘+’ (expand button). The fund details will appear for each super account; such as account balance last reported, account details and fund information.

    An example of how fund details will appear for each account.

    Using information

    Members can consolidate their super

    With the information displayed online, your members can consolidate their super accounts using the 'transfer super' functionality. Members can request the transfer of ATO-held super to a nominated super fund or the full rollover of an existing super account to their chosen fund.

    Screen shot 3

    An example of how members can consolidate their super using the online service. Once your member has selected the account they want to transfer their super from, they can select the fund they want to transfer their super to.

    In the ‘Select accounts’ screen, members can select the account they want to transfer super from and to. Your member can only request transfer or rollover of the whole account. Partial transfers or rollovers are not permitted. The member is advised to contact their fund for more information.

    Screen shot 4

    This screen shows that if a member has previously submitted a request the ‘Transfer pending’ indicator will appear and show that the account will not be available to be transferred again.

    After the super transfer is completed, the ‘Transfer pending’ indicator will appear and this account will not be available for further transfers.

    Once the latest MCS is received, the super accounts displayed on our online service are updated with the most recent member information and the pending indicator will disappear.

    What you need to do

    Once your member has submitted the request to rollover super accounts online, an Electronic portability form (EPF) is generated with most of the mandatory information required. The EPF is an outbound message we send a super fund, or an intermediary acting on behalf of a fund, to notify the fund of a member's election to roll over their whole super benefit balance to another super fund

    Currently, we send you the EPF through the file transfer function in the Business Portal. From 31 August 2015, the EPF will be sent to you via SBR2 messaging. In recognition of the authentication process we have already conducted, you are not required to use SuperTICK to verify members' details provided on the EPF.

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