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  • Key compliance dates

    1 July 2018

    • funds provide updated payment summaries (TBC)
    • funds commence capturing and reporting new MCS data for defined benefits (grandfathering and concessional contribution amounts)
    • funds action release authorities (Caps)
    • fund income tax return changes (anti detriment and TRIS)
    • funds are able to commence MATS reporting.

    October 2018

    • funds report lost members via MAAS from October 2018
    • funds must have cut-over to MAAS by 31 October
    • funds 2017–18 MCS lodged (via BDE).

    April 2019

    • funds must start to report contributions data via MATS

    October 2019

    • funds must report annual member information via MATS
    • funds must report inactive low-balance accounts as part of their USM reporting for unclaimed money day 30 June 2019.

    Change control

    Change control table




    Super transactions and services

    Revised AWS timeline

    Inclusion of Superannuation dashboard enhancements commencing May 2018

    31 March 2018

    Emerging technology

    Inclusion of emerging technologies likely to have some impact on the super industry, including Digital ID, New Payment Platform (NPP), Blockchain and Operational Framework.

    31 March 2018


    Added MAAS build timeline for completeness

    4 April 2018


    Inclusion of funds to lodge 201718 MCS via BDE

    4 April 2018


    Inclusion of industry transfer of unclaimed accounts via RTR

    4 April 2018


    Addition of employee/employer key to accurately reflect industry milestones

    4 April 2018


    Inclusion of ATO portal solution being developed for MATS reporting

    19 April 2018


    Employee commencement timeline updated to reflect the releases of the services over three phases

    19 April 2018

    Early release of superannuation on compassionate grounds

    Added in key events starting from July 2018

    16 May 2018

    SMSF rollovers

    Added SMSF rollovers in SuperStream Standard and reversioning the MIG from late 2019.

    16 May 2018


    Revised timeline for all deliverables to align with start date of July 2018

    27 August 2018

    Inactive low balance accounts and proactive consolidation of ATO-held super

    Inclusion of key milestones

    5 September 2018

    Justified assurance report

    (RDF redesign)

    Inclusion of key milestones

    7 September 2018

    Inactive low-balance accounts and proactive consolidation of ATO-held super

    Updated to reflect that legislation received royal assent.

    26 March 2019

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