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  • Annual obligations and balance amounts protocol and upcoming lodgment reminder

    Funds have an obligation to report 30 June account balance amounts, any applicable retirement or accumulation phase values, notional taxed contributions and defined benefit contributions annually. This is done via the Member account transaction service (MATS) and is due on or before 31 October 2020 for any account that is open as at 30 June 2020.

    To assist in meeting these reporting obligations we have updated the annual obligations and balance amounts section of the Fund Reporting Protocol.

    The updates do not change current annual reporting obligations, but provide clarity and enhances readability through:

    • renaming the protocol section to ‘Annual obligations and balance amounts’
    • clarifying that annual reporting obligations are not only account balance amounts
    • providing additional guidance on amendments to annual reporting
    • additional guidance for funds reporting account balances amount more frequently than annually
    • clearer guidance about reporting zero value account balance amounts
    • extra headings and restructuring of the content.

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