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  • Assuring our IT systems

    We are increasingly operating in a digital ecosystem and we want to enable users who rely on us to interact with us from their natural systems or the systems they use to run their businesses every day.

    Improving SBR2 platform

    Matt Hay, Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Deputy Commissioner, Enterprise Capabilities, recently discussed the work we are doing to improve the performance of our SBR2 platform at the Superannuation Industry Engagement forum. View the video recording via the link below.

    'From a strategic perspective, the SBR2 platform is broadly one of our most important assets. It supports the SuperStream transactions, but it also supports an increasing number of services out into the tax practitioner community. Single Touch Payroll (STP) transactions will be coming across this platform,' Mr Hay said.

    He also commented on the incoming volumes from other services.

    'So, it is an important focus for us to support the Member Account Attribute Service (MAAS), Member Account Transaction Service (MATS), Single Touch Payroll (STP) volumes that are coming to us over the next six months and beyond, but beyond that as an organisation we have aspirations for the role we play in our ever-increasing digital ecosystem, particularly around the tax and super industries. And as I say, we see ourselves primarily participating in that from an application programming interface (API) economy.'

    Peak volumes

    Mr Hay outlined the current volumes from the past 18 months on the SPR2 platform. From our transaction volume perspective, around 70% of transactions related to superannuation services, including:

    • peak use periods of the SPR2 platform were around July and August
    • from mid-May this year, we noticed peak cycles of lodging income tax returns
    • after the Practitioner Lodgement Service (PLS) closed their lodgement cycles, we were up towards 500,000 lodgements
    • onboarding employers into the STP environment – we saw between 500 and 1,000 employers using the system each week.

    Mr Hay also said the ATO has been focused on not only servicing the increased traffic in that environment, but also maintaining performance in that interactive environment as volumes increased.

    'We identified some time ago a number of targeted things we could do to improve throughput and response times. This slide has become a yardstick for us in continuing to measure how those SuperTICK transactions are traversing the e-commerce platform, but also back into the back end of our environment,' he said.

    Introducing the cloud

    Mr Hay said we have established an instance of the SBR2 platform in the cloud and we are working to connect new digital service providers that are interacting with us for Single Touch Payroll through that platform.

    'Our priority is working with them and connecting them to the cloud. We will, however, work with both the super industry and the tax agent community and the software developers that support them and yourselves to move to the cloud at a point in the future.'

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