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  • Avoiding common errors in MAAS and MATS reporting

    Our recent assurance campaign to rectify member account attribute service (MAAS) and member account transaction service (MATS) reporting has identified some common reporting issues.

    Incomplete or inaccurate reporting impacts the information displayed on ATO Online and may impact members' entitlement and/or assessments.

    When lodging member account information through the MAAS, please ensure:

    • you report all information you hold for the member
    • leave the TFN field blank where you do not hold a TFN. Do not use a default or invalid TFN
    • do not report ‘ESTATEOF’ in the name field, once a member is deceased
    • ensure you have reported a MAAS with retirement phase, where you have reported a retirement phase event.

    When reporting MATS transactions for a member please ensure:

    • the member account information has been successfully reported for the member through the MAAS
    • all original identifiers reported in the MAAS are identical to what is being reported on the MATS, (ABN, USI and member account identifier)
    • you have reported genuine member information in the MAAS and MATS and not details of a non individual entity or test data.

    Funds should have appropriate processes in place to ensure they are meeting their reporting obligations.

    For assistance with reporting obligations, lodge an enquiry using the Super Enquiry Service.

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