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  • Best practice - SuperStream message enquiries

    The Superannuation processing schedule provides the dates from which you should start receiving super payments and/or messages from us following a super remittance or recovery process.

    In most cases, you should receive the payments and/or messages on the scheduled dates. If you do not receive a corresponding message on the same day please note:

    • If there's a technical issue and a message couldn't be sent, we'll contact you to advise.
    • If there's a delay with a corresponding message, all attempts will be made to get the message to you within seven business days of the date on which you received the payment.

    Follow up queries to SuperCRT about delayed message(s) should be made if you haven't heard from us more than seven business days after receiving a payment. Any enquiries before that time will receive a response that the matter is still under investigation.

    Payments from us might also relate to Income Tax, Integrated Client Account or other accounts so we encourage you, or an authorised contact/tax agent, to check the details of the payment in the Business Portal before making an enquiry to SuperCRT.

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