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  • Best practice tips when using the super enquiry service

    The super enquiry service (SES) is our preferred channel for fund and administrator queries allowing them to lodge and manage super-related enquiries 24/7 with us.

    Here are our tips for ensuring best practice when using SES:

    • Avoid lodging requests by multiple users. If a duplicate request is identified, it should be cancelled/resolved from the users end. This will automatically close the duplicated request with us.
    • An announcement banner has been added to the home page where important information will be relayed in real time to all users of SES.
    • To add the SES link as a favourite in the browser, the user must first login and then add the link to favourites.
    • A new feature has been added to provide more functionality while monitoring and sorting requests. If the number of requests exceeds the page limit, a link will appear for navigation to other pages.
    • Each category has a different service level agreement due date and by selecting the correct category, this will avoid unnecessary delays.
    • Once a request is created an auto-email will issue with the details of the service commitment.
    • You can access the ‘SMSF verification service – manual request’ in the ‘data messages and errors’ category.
    • If an appropriate category cannot be selected, use the ‘other’ category with a sub-request ‘ask a question’.
    • Notification emails are only sent to the user that created the request.
    • By selecting the ‘private’ share option, only the user that created the request will see this. This request cannot be monitored by any other user until a different share option is chosen.
    • The share option can be changed by selecting ‘share’ and then choosing whether to share with another individual/s or across the organisation. This option is available on each individual request created at the users end, next to the comment field.

    We encourage all funds and administrators to start voluntarily transitioning into using SES. To assist you in your onboarding process please see Accessing Super Enquiry Service for APRA funds on our website for further details.

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