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  • CRT Alert 009/2016

    Improving the timeliness and efficiency of Client Relationship Team (CRT) interactions – revised

    In November 2015 CRT implemented a coding process to categorise and prioritise email enquiries from funds. Please refer to CRT Alert 048/2015 Improving the timeliness and efficiency of CRT interactions. Stakeholders were asked to include the relevant codes from the data tables in the email subject line to allow categorisation of the query and agreed service standards to be applied.

    Based on stakeholder feedback we have adjusted some of the codes to better capture client enquiries.

    1. The ATO’s service commitment framework for CRT interactions

    There has been no change to the CRT framework and the applicable service commitments. The ATO and the CRT are still committed to meeting the agreed service standards for the following enquiry themes.

    Theme – Service Commitment *0% of cases

    1. ATO Services – ASAP
    2. Superannuation Complaints Tribunal / Fund Trustee Complaints – 3 days
    3. Member issues – 5 days
    4. ATO Contributions, Recoveries and Rollovers – 5 days
    5. Fund issues – 10 days

    2. The use of email subject line standard codes for issues emailed to

    To facilitate automated triage assessment of the email workflows, stakeholders are asked to include the relevant code from a range of prescribed standard codes in the email subject line.

    Below is a table with the current codes

    Theme – Email subject line standard codes
    ATO Services ATO-SERV
    Superannuation Complaint Tribunal and Fund Trustee Complaint cases
    ATO Contributions, Recoveries and Rollovers
    Member queries










    Fund queries


    Appendix 1 (attached to email) outlines the description of issues or examples associated with the range of standard codes; inclusion of the relevant code as the commencing text of the email subject line, facilitates the streamlined resolution of priority workflows.

    3. CRT Reference number to assist stakeholders in tracking issues

    To facilitate tracking of issues, a reference number unique to that case will be included in the subject line of any outgoing email. An example of the reference number format is “CRTRef-AB0001”. Stakeholders with further enquiries on a specific case should include the CRT reference number in the email subject line.

    4. Courtesy email acknowledgements

    CRT will provide a courtesy update in relation to issues that have not been resolved within the expected standard, outlining a likely timeframe for resolution.

    5. Terms and Conditions

    A mutual understanding of what we can all do will streamline our interactions and ultimately improve our client’s experience. Appendix 2 (attached to email) outlines a range of terms and conditions.

    What you need to do

    Fund trustees, administrators and other industry stakeholders should be using a code from a range of prescribed standard codes in the email subject line.

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