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  • CRT Alert 021/2016

    SuperMatch 2

    Information regarding a review of observed new patterns of use

    The ATO has recently identified a small number of products in the market that utilise email and/or SMS to invite members to undertake SuperMatch2 searches, and don’t require member authentication through a traditional member portal before undertaking a search.

    We are currently reviewing these products to confirm whether they are meeting the established terms and conditions of use for SuperMatch2.

    If you are offering these products, or considering offering these products, you should email to ensure your products are included in this review.

    We are requesting companies providing these services to stop using email or SMS to initiate SuperMatch 2 services in the way described above until this review has been completed. Failure to do so will be considered a breach of the SuperMatch2 terms and conditions of use.

    Any questions should be directed to

      Last modified: 25 Nov 2016QC 50595