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  • CRT Alert 028/2016

    Provision of Updated Address Process

    Dear Trustee / Fund Administrator

    Data for the most recent Provision Of Address process (POA) will be loaded onto the data transfer facility commencing the week beginning 4 October 2016.

    Emails will be sent advising that your data has been loaded.

    These extracts contain the latest ATO address, telephone and email details we hold for your members (from their 2015 income tax return) who are either lost-inactive or lost-uncontactable.

    Details of members, who according to our records, are deceased or aged over 65, will also be provided in separate spreadsheets. Some of this information may be duplicated in a number of spreadsheets provided.

    Based on feedback provided, the provision of address process will provide you with a TFN. Only TFN’s previously quoted for superannuation purposes will be provided, this information should only be used as an extra identifier to assist you in finding your member.

    What you need to do

    Please advise if you wish to receive data for additional funds you administer or if there has been a change to authorised users or user email address details.

    When a new address for a lost member is provided to you by the ATO, you may update your members’ lost status where the following conditions exist:

    • Where the member's situation is lost - uncontactable, the member can now be considered found.
    • Where the member's situation is lost - transferred, the trustee must verify the member's address.
    • Where the member's situation is lost - inactive, the trustee must verify the member's address.
    • Where the member's situation is lost - inactive and uncontactable, the trustee must verify the member's address.
    • Where the member is deceased, funds will be sent data regarding member details where the ATO has been advised that they are deceased. If the date of death is available this will also be passed on to you. Where you are unable to identify or locate the beneficiary you are required to send the money to the ATO as unclaimed super. Note: Where the fund fails in its duty it commits an offence.
    • Where the member is over the age of 65, data will be sent to you to determine where they should be reported and paid as unclaimed super money.

    For more information

    You can find out more about lost members on our website,

    If you have any questions about the data transfer facility, call 13 28 69 ask for ext: 64004 or email

    For any other questions, email CAS-LMR&

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