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  • CRT Alert 030/2016

    Member Account Theft Attempts


    The ATO has recently become aware of identity fraud activity involving SMSFs established without the knowledge of the registered member.

    The fraudster’s intention is to access the member’s superannuation money by requesting a rollover to a SMSF bank account using illegally obtained personal information about the member. There are also instances where falsified identification documents were provided to the APRA fund.

    The ATO is taking steps to promptly identify further members who have been targeted by this fraudulent activity and ensure their superannuation balances are not compromised.

    What you need to do

    In the meantime, we recommend that APRA Funds be mindful of potentially fraudulent rollover requests to SMSFs and ensure the following practices are occurring:

    • Be vigilant when dealing with customers via email and phone interactions.
    • Take extra care when the member is using the Westnet email provider.
    • If frontline staff become suspicious of a rollover request, we encourage you to directly contact the member on a confirmed secure contact number to verify that they have submitted the request legitimately.
    • If you become aware of an attempt to steal a member’s benefits or identity details, advise the member to contact state police to file a report.
    • If there are concerns that the fraudsters may have access to sensitive information such as Tax File Numbers, encourage your member to directly contact the ATO on 13-28-61 between 8:00am and 6:00pm Monday to Friday to report the breach, to assist them in protecting their identity.
      Last modified: 06 Dec 2016QC 50712