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  • CRT Alert 032/2016

    SuperMatch 1 decommissioning postponed

    In response to super industry concerns about SuperMatch2 readiness, SuperMatch1 decommissioning will be delayed until 30 April 2017.

    Update: The SuperMatch ECI service will not be decommissioned in April. We will assess the need for this service in mid-2017 and provide advice at that time about its decommissioning.

    We acknowledge the bulk and batch SuperMatch2 processing issue, and we are working towards a remedy.

    We recognise this situation may affect your plans. Nevertheless, we encourage and support SuperMatch1 users to move to SuperMatch2.

    If you are considering moving to the Supermatch2 service, please contact us for assistance.

      Last modified: 26 Apr 2017QC 50714