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  • CRT Alert 003/2017

    18th January 2017

    Updated contribution standard

    From May 2017 the ATO will begin making government contributions to super funds in the SuperStream standard. This continues our work with industry to ensure all rollovers and contributions across industry and between government and industry are conducted within the SuperStream standard.

    We recently consulted with industry about the scope of this change. The outcome of this consultation is that we will narrow the scope to focus on government-to-business (G2B) contributions, with only minor changes required to the business-to-business (B2B) standard to support improved handling of refunds associated with contributions errors.

    The Contributions Standard v2.0External Link must be implemented by all RSE Licensees as follows:

    • business-to-business (B2B) by 1 May 2017
    • government-to-business (G2B) by 31 August 2017

    The ATO will provide a transitional period for implementing G2B changes from 1 May until 31 August 2017.

    To help us gauge your ability to participate in and support the upgrade process, we ask trustees to tell us by 27 January 2017 their level of readiness to implement critical testing phases and system changes for G2B, B2B and SuperTick3. Please complete the SuperStream Contribution v2 Fund Readiness DatesExternal Link spreadsheet and return it to


    We have sought and received feedback about the G2B rollovers testing process that occurred in November 2016. In response to this feedback we plan to change the testing process for G2B contributions.

    We will consult with you in January on G2B contributions testing, including the numbers and types of test cases. We will use the same peer-to-peer test member data that we used for rollovers.

    We have published some draft test casesExternal Link and would appreciate feedback by 27 January 2017 by emailing

    Contributions v2.0 documentation

    You should read the Contributions Message Implementation Guide, schedules and other supporting information on the software developers homepageExternal Link.

    The draft Contributions Schematron was published in October 2016 and is currently being tested by industry. We have received some feedback and are expecting more feedback in early 2017.

    We are currently updating the Contributions v2.0 Conformance Testing Guide and User Guide in response to industry feedback.

    We have also recently published Frequently Asked Questions for Contributions v2.0External Link (PDF, 295 kB) on the software developers website.

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