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  • CRT Alert 005/2017

    30th January 2017

    ATO online service outage update

    We would like to provide you with an update on the status of our superannuation online services following the ATO-wide system outage that occurred on 12 December 2016.

    First, however, we would like to thank you, our industry partners, for your patience, feedback and goodwill in working with us to help resolve these issues. This event affected all ATO systems, and the restoration process has been complex and time consuming. Your support and willingness to work with us through this process has been critical and appreciated.

    We regret the impact this disruption had on superannuation funds and intermediaries. We recognise how important our services are to you and all our clients and we are working hard to make them available for the community to use.

    Superannuation services status

    In general, our core services are now stable and performance has returned to normal. We are continuing to bring some functions and tools back online and we are also working to restore functionality in our testing environments. The complexity of the restoration means there is still some work to do to return all our services to normal. There may be some disruptions to services as we undertake this work and we will give you as much notice as possible of any outages and minimise impacts on your business, where possible.

    SuperTICK versions 1, 2 and 3, SuperMatch and SuperMatch2, EmployerTICK, Electronic Portability Form (EPF) and Fund Validation Service (FVS) are all available and operating at normal capacity. The new cloud-based external vendor testing environment for SBR2 services (EVTE3) is operational and your account manager will work with you over the next few weeks to bring your organisation on board.

    The Departing Australia Superannuation Payment (DASP) online application system is now available. Individuals and intermediaries can submit online applications for DASP and funds can access submitted applications online. Please note you may not see a backlog of applications because individuals have only recently been able to access the system to submit them. If you experience problems logging into the system or downloading applications, please email with details of the nature of the problem.

    The SuperSeeker online service for individuals has been unavailable since the outage began on 12 December and we have decided not to revive this system. The SuperSeeker online service was scheduled to be decommissioned in April 2017. Individuals can find and manage their super using the even more secure ATO online services through myGov. The SuperSeeker interactive voice recognition (IVR) service will continue to be available for the time being. We will provide details on plans for the IVR service closer to April.

    Independent review

    In December 2016 the Commissioner announced an independent review into the outage. This will help us fully understand what happened and why, and what needs to be done to ensure this type of incident doesn’t happen in future.

    The ATO has appointed Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) to conduct the independent review because of their specific expertise with the ICT storage that is at the centre of the incident. PwC have already begun their review and are due to report back to us in March 2017.

    Read more about the independent review in the ATO Media Centre.

    Internal review and assessment of our forward program of work

    We are also conducting a separate internal review to ensure we account for the impacts on our business as well as on you and your members. This also extends to a review of our forward work program in light of the outages, and we will keep you updated as we progress.

    We are working on a number of initiatives to deliver more resilient and sustainable technology that will reduce and eliminate the number of disruptions you experience. This includes identifying and rectifying possible areas of risk in our technology platform as well as migrating our systems to more contemporary cloud-based offerings for technology delivery.

    We are taking all precautions to address any possible risk areas in the short term. We know the enabling services and other electronic channels you use must be available at all times. We are committed to delivering this level of service.

    We will continue to seek your feedback and participation in this process and provide regular updates.

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