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  • CRT Alert 006/2017

    1st February 2017

    USM remittance run postponed

    The Unclaimed Superannuation Money (USM) remittance run scheduled for the week beginning 6 February will be postponed to the week beginning 20 February.

    Business deployment verification (BDV) activities for government-to-business rollovers are complete and most funds are now processing government rollovers in the SuperStream standard. However, some funds are failing to match error response messages with payments, creating a large number of suspended payments and processing delays. We have decided to postpone the February USM remittance run to avoid adding to existing payment processing backlogs.

    We encourage you to review your error response message implementation for USM remittances to ensure that returned payments comply with the specifications outlined in the Rollover Message Implementation GuideExternal Link.

    We are also aware of instances in which some funds do not receive data messages because of invalid technical messages sent from the ATO. We are working with affected funds to resolve these issues.

    If you experience other issues with receiving or processing USM please email

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