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  • CRT Alert 011/2017

    3rd February 2017

    Update: Unplanned system outage

    We continue to experience issues relating to the storage hardware faults that occurred in December. To provide better services in the future we have commissioned a complete new hardware system. This new system is very complex, but is being configured to provide more reliability, stability and data storage capacity. Even with our bolstered team of ATO and HPE experts, these tasks will take some time and we do not expect our systems to be available over the weekend.

    We continue to investigate the causes of these outages with our partners at HPE. This outage appears to be linked to a part of our storage hardware, “a node”, going off-line unexpectedly. We have been very careful in diagnosing this issue and testing a restoration strategy to reduce the possibility of other damage or unintended impacts.

    We will continue to work around the clock with an immediate focus on restoring priority services – superannuation online services via including ATO online services connected to myGov and Departing Australia Superannuation Payments (DASP), superannuation enabling services including SuperTICK and Fund Validation Service (FVS), the Tax Agent, Business and BAS Portals, Practitioner Lodgment Service (PLS), and the Australian Business Register (ABR).

    We fully acknowledge the significant impact this is having on you, and that you rely heavily on the availability of our systems and services.

    We will continue to provide you with regular updates.

    For the most up-to-date information on superannuation services, visit the ATO Superannuation DashboardExternal Link.

    For general updates visit our engagement and collaboration platform Let’s TalkExternal Link.

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