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  • CRT Alert 018/2017

    10 March 2017

    Service availability

    Preparations for replacing our storage area network (SAN) are now underway, and we have updated our calendar of scheduled outages to support this.

    Replacing the SAN is critical to ensuring the future stability and reliability of our superannuation services and will address the problems that caused the incidents in December and February. Our independent evaluators support our view that the new technology is world class and will support stable and high-performing services you can rely upon.

    We understand the effect of these scheduled outages on your operations, and we thank you for your continued understanding and patience.

    We will undertake this work in a series of three planned outages to progressively install the new SAN:

    1. 10pm Friday 31 March until 6am Monday 3 April
    2. 10pm Thursday 13 April until 6am Tuesday 18 April
    3. 8pm Saturday 6 May until 8am Sunday 7 May.

    You will note we have extended the original two maintenance periods during April. This is necessary to ensure we allow enough time to complete all work necessary to install the new SAN.

    All production services will be offline during these times, including:

    • SuperTICK
    • SuperMatch
    • Fund Validation Service (FVS)
    • Electronic Portability Form (EPF)
    • Bulk Data Exchange (BDE), including bulk services for SuperTICK versions 1 and 2
    • Departing Australia superannuation payments (DASP) online application system.

    The SBR2 external vendor testing environment (ETVE3) will be unaffected during these outages. This means testing for SuperTICK3 and contributions v2.0 can continue during the outage windows.

    Processing schedules

    We will closely monitor our unclaimed superannuation money (USM) remittance and recovery schedule and provide advance notice of any necessary changes.

    Planned SBR2 performance enhancements

    We are continuing our work to enable performance improvements to the SBR2 platform. These incremental improvements will begin from April. We will provide further advice on this work soon.

    For the latest updates, check the Superannuation DashboardExternal Link.

    Thank you for your patience while we undertake this important work to improve our services to you.

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