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  • CRT Alert 020/2017

    27 March 2017

    Unclaimed Superannuation Money Statement: ‘Eligible service period start date’ field

    When we started paying unclaimed superannuation money (USM) to funds in the SuperStream standard in November 2016, some funds didn’t receive messages because of missing eligible service period start dates.

    To solve this problem, we are updating our systems to make the ‘eligible service period start date’ field mandatory in the USM Statement.

    We updated the draft USM Statement specifications in January 2017 to reflect this change. However, we had to remove this change in the latest draft version of the USM Statement specificationsExternal Link to allow time to implement our system changes.

    In the interim, to ensure you can receive USM remittance messages we encourage you to populate the eligible service period start date in your USM Statement lodgment due by 30 April 2017. We will update the USM Statement specifications and publish them on the software developers’ homepageExternal Link when we have updated our systems to make this field mandatory.

    To find out more, read about USM reporting and payment obligations or contact the Superannuation Client Relationship Team.

      Last modified: 05 Apr 2017QC 51691