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  • CRT Alert 027/2017

    11 April 2017

    Be prepared for more DASP applications and enquiries

    On Monday 10 April 2017 we sent emails to approximately 11,000 former temporary residents encouraging them to submit their departing Australia superannuation payment (DASP) applications before 1 July 2017. Therefore, you may notice an increase in the volume of DASP applications you receive and enquiries about DASP from members.

    We sent emails to temporary residents who had started but not submitted a DASP online application. The wording of the emails is included below for your reference.

    We sent these emails because from 1 July 2017 former temporary residents who held Working Holiday Maker (WHM) visas will pay a higher tax rate of 65%. Read more about the changes to DASP tax rates for working holiday makers.

    We encourage all DASP applicants to submit their applications as soon as possible. We also ask that funds process DASP applications as soon as possible.

    For enquiries, please email

    Copy of email to former temporary residents

    You have not submitted your DASP application

    Hello [send-to-name]

    Our records show that you have started a departing Australia superannuation payment (DASP) application but you have not yet submitted it to us.

    What you need to do

    Before we can process your application and pay your superannuation money to you, you will need to ensure your application is complete and submit it to us through the DASP online application systemExternal Link.
    When you use the DASP online application system, you will need to provide your personal details. Make sure you enter exactly the same details each time you use it.

    When to send us your completed application

    You can submit your DASP application at any time if both of the following apply:

    • you have left Australia
    • your visa has either expired or been cancelled

    However, the DASP tax rate for working holiday makers will increase to 65% for payments made after 30 June 2017. This rate increase may affect your payment if you have ever held one of the following:

    • a 417 Working Holiday visa
    • a 462 Work and Holiday visa
    • an associated bridging visa. 

    How to cancel your visa

    To cancel your visa, complete a Certification of Immigration Status and/or request to cancel a Temporary Resident visaExternal Link and send it to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). We recommend you do this as soon as possible.
    After your visa is cancelled, you can return to the DASP online application system to complete your application and submit it to us.

    [How to claim superannuation we hold for you]

    [Include if we know the ATO holds super money for the client]
    [In addition to your Australian superannuation funds, we also hold some superannuation money for you. You can ask us to pay it to you by:

    • entering the DASP online application system
    • selecting 'Add application'
    • inputting our ABN, which is 51824753556
    • completing the application
    • selecting 'submit' to send the application to us.] 

    How to check the progress of your application

    After you submit your application, you will receive an email to confirm that it has been submitted. To find out how your application is progressing for money held:

    • in your superannuation fund, contact the fund directly
    • by us, email us at the address below.

    About DASP

    Get information about superannuation for temporary residents leaving Australia and the changes to the tax law on our website or by emailing us at

    Please note that email is not a secure channel and personal or sensitive information should not be included in any response via email.

    Find out more.

    About your visa

    Get more information about your visa by visiting the DIBP website.

    Find out more:

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