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  • CRT Alert 033/2017

    1 May 2017

    EPF2 successfully deployed

    As discussed in the Contributions Implementation Working Group and advertised in meeting minutes published on the SuperStream Readiness and ImplementationExternal Link Let's Talk page, during business hours today we cutover from Electronic Portability Form (EPF) version 1 to EPF version 2.

    We are pleased to report the technical cutover to version 2 was successful. We confirmed funds are able to receive and process EPFs through our business deployment verification (BDV) exercise with at least 6 gateways and 9 funds.

    Because we could only complete BDV testing using EPFs queued in our system overnight, we could not identify which funds would need to be involved in the BDV exercise until today. We would like to thank the funds and gateways involved in BDV for their time and willingness to work with us short notice to complete BDV.

    EPFs from last night (Sunday) were suspended while we completed the technical change over and BDV. EPFs from Sunday will be batched with today's EPFs and processed through the normal daily EPF run tonight. This means tomorrow (Tuesday) you will receive EPFs from Sunday and Monday as a single batch.

    If you experience any problems receiving EPFs contact the SBR Service Desk or your ATO account manager.

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