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  • CRT Alert 036/2017

    17 May 2017

    SuperStream services outage – Update 2

    Overnight our technical teams implemented a solution to bring services on our SBR2 platform back online. They successfully tested that solution with industry and re-whitelisted all remaining funds.

    This means all superannuation services are now available at full performance and capacity, including SuperTICK3, Fund Validation Service (FVS) and SuperMatch2.

    If you experience problems with any superannuation services, please contact your ATO account manager or the SBR Service Desk.

    Electronic Portability Forms (EPFs) began processing this morning.

    We would like to thank our industry partners who worked with us on business deployment verification testing.

    We recognise the significant impact of this incident on your operations and we appreciate your patience and support during our restoration process.

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