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  • CRT Alert 046/2017

    14 June 2017

    We’re (still) talking to your members about super changes

    In CRT Alert 037/2017, we notified you we were communicating with your members who may be affected by the superannuation changes starting 1 July 2017. Your members may have received a letter, email or SMS from us outlining key changes to their super.

    We provided you with six templates we used for our correspondence to your members to help you prepare for these enquiries.

    From 14 June, we will start sending more letters to your members affected by changes to the transfer balance cap. These members may have a super income stream account as a beneficiary of a deceased parent or a super income stream account funded from personal injury compensation.

    We’ll also be sending letters to members who may have both account-based and defined benefit income streams who may be impacted by the $1.6 million transfer balance cap.

    We’ve provided these letter templates for your reference. You can also request copies of the templates by emailing

    Further information:

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