• CRT Alert 064/2017

    26 September 2017

    Remittance and recovery notices issuing via ECI

    We've received advice from some funds that they're still receiving remittance and recovery notices (RARN) through ECI despite having already cut over to SuperStream.

    This is a result of how we determine a valid destination to send remittances and/or recoveries for individuals. It can occur when a fund has more than one unique super identifier (USI) and has certified some, but not all USI’s.

    Aggregation process

    • To identify a valid destination for a member's entitlement or recovery, the aggregation process relies on data provided by funds on the Member Contribution Statement (MCS) or the Member Account Form (MAF) via SuperTICK3.
    • Where an account has been reported as open it is generally available to receive contributions from the ATO – subject to attributes reported in the MCS with ability to receive co-contributions, LISC and/or rollovers.
    • The aggregation process will determine if the member account USI is enabled to interact in the SuperStream standard and the channel by which the remittance or recovery notice is issued.

    Care should be taken when reporting open accounts via the MCS and MAF to allow the ATO to identify those member accounts that can accept ATO payments.

    Email us to confirm USI cutover

    • If you don't expect to receive contributions or ATO payments to any remaining USI's which haven't or will not be cutover to the SuperStream standard, email SuperCRT@ato.gov.au.
    • We can then begin an internal process that will avoid creating future RARN's via ECI.

    Be aware that the ATO does not interact via data standards for USM Recoveries.

    • As a result of feedback from funds, the ATO will work with industry to consider any changes that may be required to existing design.

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