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  • CRT Alert 067/2017

    17 October 2017

    Minor changes to MATS technical documents

    We have identified minor essential changes required in the Member Account Transaction Service (MATS) technical documentation. The updates, while necessary, are minimal and do not change the design.

    What are the changes?

    The following minor adjustments will be made to the MATS message structure table and schemas:

    • some Definitional Taxonomy element names will change
    • some definitions of newer elements will be reworded to clarify their meaning.

    Note: The design has not changed, and no elements have been added or removed.

    Why are the changes required?

    The Standard Business Reporting (SBR) board has stipulated that we must change the naming of elements within the technical artefacts. We have also received industry feedback that more clarity is required in the definitions of the newer elements.

    On 28 September, we issued a CRT alert to advise you that the Member Account Transaction Service (MATS) technical documentation had been locked down and could be relied upon to commence your build. We also outlined our stringent change control process. In line with this, we have undertaken an assessment of the necessity of the changes needed to comply with the SBR board requirements.

    • We have consulted with industry representatives who form the Transaction Service Working Group (TSWG).
    • We have determined that the changes are essential, and as they are minimal and do not materially impact the design, it is sensible to proceed with these changes early in the build timeframe.

    We have considered the impact on funds, and your trust in the change process. While the changes come soon after the locked down versions were released, they do not undermine your reliance on the previous locked down materials for build purposes as you will only need to make minor naming changes. We continue to assure you of a rigorous change process, and our continued consultation and collaboration with industry as we progress.

    Next steps

    We will update and republish the MATS message structure table and schemas on SBR. These are listed under the Super Member (SPRMBR) package, and for MATS, are referred to within the package documents as Super Member Account Transactions (SPRMBRACCTX).

    You can continue to use the existing documentation to proceed with your MATS build, but you'll need to update to the new Definitional Taxonomy element names when they are published.

    The technical artefacts will be republished 16 November 2017.

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