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  • CRT Alert 069/2017

    24 October 2017

    USM reporting changes after 30 November

    We are changing the following aspects of unclaimed superannuation money (USM) reporting:

    • USM adjustments
    • USM non-lodgment advice.

    Changes to USM adjustments

    You can continue to report adjustments under the existing process until 5.00pm 30 November 2017.

    Between 30 November and 11 December we ask that you suspend lodging USM adjustments. This will allow us to process all adjustments before the new system takes effect.

    We will start accepting USM adjustments again using a new process from 11 December.

    New USM adjustments process applies from 11 December 2017

    Increase adjustments

    If your adjustment involves an increased USM amount you should report this to us by sending a new USM lodgment for the additional amount via electronic commerce interface (ECI) or SuperStream.

    Decrease, transfer or cancel adjustments

    We are creating a new USM adjustment template. If you need to decrease, transfer or cancel a previously reported entitlement, you should cancel the identified amount using this template. You can then send a new USM lodgment to report the correct entitlement via either ECI or SuperStream.

    Note: Our systems will be offline for deployment during the weekend of 9–10 December 2017.

    Changes to USM non-lodgment advice

    We're also introducing a USM non-lodgment advice (NLA) template that can be used to lodge a nil statement.

    You can report NLAs either through the existing ECI process or start using the new NLA template.

    Accessing the templates

    We'll publish the USM adjustment template for decrease, transfer or cancel requests and the USM non-lodgment advice template on our website before 11 December 2017.

    Lodging the templates

    You will be able to lodge your completed USM adjustment and NLA templates by email to

    You will soon be able lodge the templates through the Business Portal. We'll let you know as soon as this function is available.

    NOTE: This lodgment process has changed and the information above is out of date. Refer to CRT Alert 073/2017 for up-to-date details.
    From 11 December 2017 you'll be able to lodge the USM adjustment and USM non-lodgment advice templates through the business portal.

    Please do not email Super CRT with your USM adjustment or NLA templates.

    More information

    We will update our relevant web content and provide another update in our November Super Communique newsletter and on the Let's Talk SuperStream Readiness and ImplementationExternal Link community.

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