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  • CRT Alert 073/2017

    27 November 2017

    USM reporting changes after 30 November – Update

    In CRT Alert 069/2017 issued on 24 October we told you about changes to the way you'll need to report unclaimed superannuation money (USM).

    In response to your feedback, we're changing the way you lodge USM adjustments and non-lodgment advices (NLAs) from 11 December.

    The information below on how to lodge your templates for USM adjustments and NLAs supersedes the advice in our earlier communications. All other information within CRT Alert 069/2017 remains current.

    When we consulted with you about this change, you told us you'd prefer to lodge the USM adjustment and NLA templates through the business portal. We've now identified a solution to allow you to do this instead of lodging them via email.

    Using the business portal to lodge USM templates

    From 11 December 2017 you'll be able to lodge the USM adjustment and USM non-lodgment advice templates through the business portal.

    Because we don't yet have a USM subject line in the business portal, as an interim solution you should use the Fund Validation Service subject line through the superannuation topic.

    1. Log onto the ATO business portal and select Mail and New message.
    2. Select the Superannuation topic.
    3. Select the Fund Validation Service subject line and Next.
    4. Select Add under attachments to attach your USM template, check and then send.

    We will update the business portal in 2018 to introduce an Unclaimed Monies subject line and we'll let you know when this happens.

    See also:

    • We will update our web content about adjusting unclaimed super soon to include:
      • all of the USM reporting changes that will occur from 30 November 2017
      • the USM adjustment and non-lodgment advice templates when they are available.

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    For more information and updates on USM see our:

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